Poem 3

03/04/2013 18:16

What is poetry?


Snow capped mountains

Flowing rivers

Coins in wishing fountains

Arrows in woven quivers


Conventional images of poetry

Mine is a rebels art

Rules to be broken by me

The balloon of etiquette exploded by my dart


Pen in hande, I will end wars.

He who writes for fame, looses his soul

Spoken word brings hope with open doors

Oppression of art blinding us, moles.


Spread the flames of love wildly.

Speak free, live careless.





Eleni Aspros

3 April 2013

Poem 2

02/04/2013 18:09

It gets better.


A phrase as common as white socks

'It gets better'

stock words, suiting every situation.


Abusive father?

'It gets better'

Careless mother?

'It gets better'

No meal for a week?

'It gets better'


Why tell me 'It gets better'?

Do you fight my inner deamons?

Have you lived my strife?


No. It doesn't get better!

Life moves forward

Humanity decides their fate.


Choose to live better.

Think twice before repeating the


'It gets better'




Eleni Aspros

2 April 2013

Poem 1

01/04/2013 18:04

Shallow footprints


Following shallow footprints 

through tarnished places

broken shadows

people once abundantly happy.

Returning to fragmented soil.


How do I live?

Constant dreams of what I have seen

haunting memories of forgotten people.

Can I help?

Following shallow footprints.


Autumn leaves and winter rains

weathering faces, disintergrating hopes.

A generation of wanderers

waiting to be saved...



By who?

I am following in shallow footprints.


Eleni Aspros

1 April 2013


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